An agile


If a SSAS can’t meet your objectives on its own, an EPUT could be just the ticket.
These unitised investment structures offer additional benefits and solutions to qualifying SSAS members.

Product Features

  • Highly efficient way to hold or invest in Commercial Property
  • Makes succession planning far easier
  • Business friendly
  • Pool resources to invest as a syndicate

First thing’s first: Exempt Property Unit Trusts (EPUTs) aren’t suitable for retail investors and we aren’t able to offer them directly to members of the public. These are complex products for High Net Worth and/or Sophisticated Investors, and we typically arrange them through a trusted professional adviser (such as an IFA, accountant or lawyer).

Our unique set of permissions and our in-house expertise, backed by robust compliance measures, means that we are able to offer this highly practical and versatile structure. Our EPUT is often at it’s best when put to use for family businesses or when used in any instance where exit strategies come into play or investors wish to pool resources to invest in a unitised asset in a way that isn’t possible directly within a SSAS.

Myth Buster

Transferring or applying for a new scheme will be too much hassle

Bust that myth…

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