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If you’re reading this, the chances are you recently met with our CEO, Duncan Parsons. We thought it’d be useful to use this page to highlight some of the opportunities that Duncan doubtless touched on during your meeting.

The first thing to reiterate is that we don’t provide advice. Not because we’re mean or don’t trust in our technical knowledge and eons of experience, it’s just that we aren’t allowed to advise you. We like it that way too. You are better off getting advice from someone who isn’t also providing you with a product. We like our role of providing pension based solutions to individuals and businesses that maximise tax efficiencies by focusing on their unique objectives.

Have a quick look through the case study below while you put the kettle on. It’s a good example of the stellar results we achieve for clients and their businesses.

We’re keen to have a chat about how we can work together, but until then, enjoy your break and browsing our website.

Hope to talk soon.

Case study

We recently worked with a large, lovely family which runs a successful and expanding business.

With a backdrop of corporate and personal debt, company property headaches and an urgent need to expand their base of operations, this family needed an approach that was beyond the bland and the basic.

They needed a provider that could understand the needs of business, the people involved and the untapped opportunities that pensions can provide. And perhaps just as crucially, they needed a company that could get things done quickly, accurately and personably.

TPSG worked closely with the family’s trusted Financial Adviser to understand their priorities, the strategy for business growth and identify how the various individual pension funds could be used to facilitate that vital expansion. Plus, we also provided innovative answers to various questions, not least of which was how Mum and Dad could exit without compromising company growth.

Our products and know-how delivered all of this and more, and if you can find a few minutes to spare, we’d love to come and see you to talk about how we can add real value to the service already provided by Financial Advisers, Accountants and anyone else you regard as essential to running a successful business.

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