You wanted lower fees, we have delivered.

Because we aren’t just technically adept but also highly customer focused, we are always listening and putting what we hear into action.  A perfect example of this is the fact that we have just reduced our fees and significantly so too.  Our annual fee for a PSG Harbour International SIPP is now just £399, a reduction of £100.

Even if all you did was look at headline fees quoted by all providers of International SIPPs, this new, permanent reduction, makes us highly competitive.  However, it really needs to be viewed in context rather than in isolation.  In other words, who else has service level agreements of three days?  Who else gives you one dedicated point of contact for all enquiries?  Who else provides technical support for free as well offering the broadest possible investment flexibility at this price point?

We might have dropped our annual fee by 20% and our exit fee by 17% but there’s no drop in anything else and, importantly, you can feel 100% confident that compliance with all prevailing legislation is maintained.


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