Flexibility is key to being a working mum

Becoming a Director was a proud moment for me, but having a young family means I have other commitments so the job cannot be the sole focus of my life.  Each thing in my life has to sometimes take a back seat, and other times it is at the forefront. I am so lucky to have colleagues that recognise a working mum can add value to a board, not every company has it, and speaking to a lot of people I am in the minority.  I work with amazing and supportive colleagues that come from a generation where shared responsibilities for children is the norm. It makes me proud that the gender gap is changing not only in pay (although still in dispute in larger organisations!), but for the rights of women and men that want to be able to take their kids to school and to swimming lessons. Why else has there been so many advances in technology? I can do all those things and still get in plenty of hours of work around the kids, evenings, weekends. Flexibility is the key.

All those things make my work flexible, ensure that I can be on the board and achieve my objectives for the company. The company gets the best of me as it buys into my life and the way I am treated.


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