PSG’s company PA, Maria Merry, grabs the spotlight with her helicopter cinema

So let’s start this story by taking you back to 2017. During a regular “who’s up to what” chat between us PSG’ers in the office, our company PA, Maria Merry, mentions she is planning on taking her son, Freddie, to the Helicopter Museum in Weston-Super-Mare.  After wishing her a pleasant trip, off she goes and returns back to the office afterwards to give us the lowdown on how her day out went.

Now immediately, you’re probably thinking most of us would come back and report on a non-eventful, fairly interesting story about a pleasant day out with their son, including what they saw, what they liked, if they would ever go back again etc.  But this isn’t a normal story and, to be honest, we shouldn’t have expected anything less from our totally bonkers PA.

To give you an idea of what it’s like to know Maria and what we’ve come to expect from her is this:  we never really quite know what she’s going to say next.  And so we shouldn’t have been at all surprised to hear that this was far from your idea of a “normal trip” to a helicopter museum.  So instead of buying her son a rubber or a magnet with a helicopter printed on it from the gift shop, Maria walked away having bought an actual helicopter instead.

And so from here, an even crazier story starts to take flight (pun intended), where a simple dream to turn this marvel of engineering into a cool cinema room/sleepover den for her son Freddie, as well as some light chatter in the office about how Maria should consider applying to be on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, culminates with her making it into the national news, being interviewed live on TV and BBC radio and also (yep, you’ve already guessed it) see’s her helicopter feature in an episode of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces.

If you have somehow missed this amazing story in amongst all of the general doom and gloom around Brexit this week, check out how her Helicopter in Chippenham became a home Cinema over on the BBC News website.

So what’s next for Maria’s marvellous helicopter?  Well we at PSG have been talking for a while now about how we would like to support Wiltshire Air Ambulance and Maria is kindly offering to hold an open day at her home to allow the world to see her creation, whilst raising vital funds to support this crucial service in the Wiltshire area.

Look out for more news from us and an announcement on when the open day will be very soon!


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