Looking after your mental wellbeing

We all have to deal with mental health, sometimes life can be overwhelming and we struggle to keep this in its best condition.

As you wouldn’t run your car on empty, you need to keep your wellbeing looked after before it gets low. Just like physical health, it’s something to work on every day, little by little.

Look after your wellbeing every day and it will help give you a good foundation to help you work on the tougher days with more resilience. Some days are easier than others and sometimes we need to just talk things through with someone.

We recently took part in some mental health first aid training with the team at MHFA England and now have a group of certified wellbeing staff all approachable and keen to help.

We have also recently created a wellbeing committee at PSG and we welcome all ideas and thoughts on how we can better position ourselves and the company to look after our staff and provide them with support and direction should they need it.

One of the new things we have put in place, is our monthly newsletter, in which we hope to give ideas and thoughts on looking after wellbeing. Hopefully these ideas give people inspiration to do something new and seek help if they need it.

For me, I love to walk and I actively encourage my colleagues to take a lunch walk or after work walk, as it’s a great way to clear your head. Sometimes an internal monologue with yourself helps to look at a situation in a different way. Breaking any big work tasks down into pieces, or writing a to do list of the most urgent items, helps me to stay focused each day and also helps my stress levels stay more even.

If you are struggling at all, there is an abundance of help and information online, make sure to check out mind.org.uk for support or contact wellbeing@tpsg.co.uk.


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