Keeping the Olympic dream alive

We’re proud to be helping to develop the next generation of local Olympians and Paralympians.

Hot on the heels of Britain’s success in the Winter Olympics (which kept us all glued to the television), we’ve recently announced our support of Wiltshire sporting endeavour by investing in talented young sportsmen and women.

We’re now a partner of the Funding Future Olympians and Paralympians initiative and will be announced as such at a gala dinner on Thursday 13 March. The initiative provides financial help to local elite athletes, and since it began in September 2010, 13 local athletes have received funding to help them reach the highest levels in their sport.

Mike Baker, PSG’s Communications Director says: “Wiltshire Council have been organising this for a few years now, and they have developed a very worthwhile initiative that we wanted to be part of. These grants help young athletes from the local area with the sort of financial support that is crucial in the formative years of their sporting development.”

“The money we invest will help provide them with support such as improved coaching and facilities, together with funding for more practical considerations such as kit and travel. It’s the sort of funding that can make a difference between a talented young person either giving up or carrying on and making the most of their potential.”

The gala dinner will bring together several businesses from the local area and will include an appearance by Mark Colbourne MBE, Gold Medal Paralympian (cycling). Former England rugby captain, Phil de Glanville, will be hosting the event, which will be held at County Hall, Trowbridge.

“This is a long-term commitment for us and, while it fits in with the values of what PSG is about as a company, it’s more about creating a foundation fund that will make a huge difference to our local athletes. If we can help just one of them on their journey to becoming a future Olympian or Paralympian, we’ll have achieved something worthwhile.”


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